Real Estate SaaS

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What About My Web App and Sign?

The REDS SaaS Web App Creator is designed as an editable template where all front-end features; texts, copy, videos, and graphics can be changed at will, giving you the distinct advantage of updating your site at any time, and keeping it always fresh in the mind of the buyers. That’s EMPOWERMENT!

Once you have created your web app by simply inserting information into the fields, and uploading photos, and/or linking to any videos you may create, you can then select a FREE sticker or sign design that you can download and send to the signmaker of your choice, printer, or simply stick that sticker on any generic sign that is readily available from most hardware stores. Add pictures of your property and even a phone number if you like! How easy is that?

Real Estate Semiotics

Our signs and stickers are designed to use the power of Semiotics, the psychology of signs and symbols, and in particular, the long-ingrained ‘mind trigger’ to ‘STOP’ – so to be noticed – causing the buyer that is looking around your neighborhood to stop and scan, or the viewer of the QR Code that you may have placed in a newspaper or on a flyer, to stop and scan the ad. Often buyer’s prefer to search and do their research without being confronted and accosted by a broker/agent, and then have to deal with their sales talk. We all know how uncomfortable that can be! REDS signs and stickers are designed to first; be noticed, and second; to be scanned easily from a distance, then intantly leading to your Web App and property information, without a hassle from high pressure sales brokers. Once they have looked at your property through their phone of tablet, at their pace and comfort level, and if they like it, they can then easily Connect Direct with you! Because your graphics are in a SVG file format you can make your sign as large as you want without pixel chaos occuring.


As a real estate member role player, you will have unlimited access to your Web App landing page, QR Code, and shortened URL, increasing examples of real estate advertising copy as we build a resource library, and easy access to experts, subcontractors, title search and legal assistance, and numerous other Seller, Renter, or Buyer Services from around the world, as they become available.

It’s all about Real Estate!


Role Players

Our vision is to empower all real estate related role players, service providers, advertisers, and affiliates throughout the world, to prospect, secure, and market their properties and services, and to Connect Direct for Business socially online using creative technologies. Supported by an army of prospecting affiliates working from their respective and familiar local marketing areas from anywhere in the world driving clients and traffic to your property or service.

As a Role player you may register in more than one role depending on the functions you may require of the service. All role players are encouraged to explore the site and the services offered to take full advantage of the power of the software. Role players only need to register once for each new role and may list as many services or properties under each role as desired.  If you are a Service Provider you can also register for the services you decide to offer to our many and varied clients from around the world. Now that’s real…


Your QR Code on your sign is personal to your property and unique to the sign and will only match the web address of your Mobile Web App. Mobile scans will never be directed to a generic website, buried among other properties where the end user has to search for the seller’s listing, but are immediately directed each and every time your Unique QR Code is scanned, and only to the seller’s Personal Mobile Web App.

All Digital Enquiries scanned or short URL’d from the seller’s sign are funneled directly to the Property Seller’s Mobile Web App and do not go to any third party, nor are they directed to Real Estate Digital Sales front end pages of this site.

The personal QR Code and Short URL are unique to the seller’s property address and is a Connect Direct digital dynamo that drives traffic to your Mobile Web App. This means that all Enquiries come to you and not to an agent or to Real Estate Digital Sales.



User Roles:

Sellers, Renters, Buyers, Rentors (Landlords), etc.

Service Provider Roles:

Services, Advertisers, and Affiliates, etc.

Category Examples:

Affiliates, Appraisers, Auctioneers, Advertising, Builders, Carpet Cleaning, House Cleaning, Conveyancing, Title Transfers, Legal Services, Valuations, Property Inspections, Mortgage Brokers, For Sale By Owner Document Preparation, Gardening and Lawncare, Landscaping, Locksmiths, Professional Photography, Professional Videos and 3D Showcase Videos, Power-point Presentations, Custom Property Flyers, Article Ghost-writing,  Social Media Marketing, Repairs, Marketing, Moving, Pest Control, Plumbing, Roof Maintenance and Restoration, Removals, Air Conditioning Repairs and Maintenance, Water Heater Repairs and Maintenance, Electrical Repairs and Maintenance, Painting, Property Makeovers, Showing, Sign-writers and Sign Erectors, Staging, Storage, Security, Swimming Pool Construction, Repair and Maintenance, Floor Tile Repairs and Cleaning Services, Carpentry Services, Window Cleaning, Repairs and Restoration, Waste Disposal, etc.

New category suggestions are welcome! New Affiliates are always welcome!

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