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Put all the profit

“If you don’t have a mobile strategy, you don’t have a future strategy.” Google’s – Eric Schmidt

Real Estate – Disruptive Technologies are shaking up many long standing industries, freeing many from the tyranny of control. Old media is fading, new online media is shining ever brighter. Entrepreneurs who can see over the horizon know that disruptive digital technology is a threat to the old paradigm.


The shift is now, as is the opportunity to profit from it. Disruptive technological key phrases like; Mobile Smart Phones, Mobile Internet, QR Codes and Short URLs, Mobile Web Apps, Automation of Knowledge Work (SaaS), Fintech, Blockchain, Crypto Assets, Online Conferencing, SMS and Web Chat, are slowly emerging and threatening the old order.

Some have seen this coming. Well guess what? It’s here now. Today, you must mobilize or disappear! Search and share are now mobile. Sellers and Service Providers must be connected to all of these powerful digital machines through the buyers’ mobile devices to reach Mobile Real Estate Buyers or…

You Will Disappear

Real Estate Properties