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Real Estate Articles from our Contributors & Affiliates on the Global Real Estate Marketplace. Learn more…

Real Estate Digital Sales, or “REDS” is seeking expressions of interest from men and women who are writers and are interested in all things “real estate”!

REDS is about global real estate. If you are all about real estate and you can write or curate a well written article of at least 300 words or more, on any of the subjects we are already publishing, or on any other real estate realted subject, we will teach you how to make it SEO perfect for our site, and help you establish your presence on social media and on this site in your own country and around the world as an authority in your area!

If you are located in any of the priority English speaking nations listed below, and desire to focus on real estate you have an immediate opportunity to not only establish yourself as an authority/influencer, but you also have an opportunity to receive a special position worth $999 as a General in the Real Estate Digital Sales Force –

The REDS Army!

We are giving away 12 General Ranks (value $999 each rank) in the REDS Army to article writers/curators who are serious about establishing themselves as an authority in their country, and desire to become a vital member of the…

Real Estate Digital Sales Force – The REDS ARMY!

Generals can earn Big $$$ from Ranks and Roles

Find out more!

This is a once only offer and numbers are limited, as listed below.

Once secured as a vital member of our REDS Army sales force you will have unlimited opportunity to earn thousands of dollars world wide!

Australia – 2 (1)

New Zealand – 1

USA – 3

Canada – 2

UK – 2

India – 2 (1)

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