GoReds.Today CMS is the Real Estate Information/Advertising/SM Marketing arm of RealEstateDigitalSales.com

RealEstateDigitalSales.com SaaS (Software as a Service) provides an automated service for DIY FSBO Role Players.

REDS SaaS is the strong right arm of the FSBO/Role Players Empowerment SaaS, enabling a Commission Saving Connect Direct experience.

What is Real Estate Digital Sales?

Real Estate Digital Sales is REDS

REDS is a Marketing and Advertising Platform designed as a Role Player Networking Marketplace for For Sale By Owner Property Owners, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Mentors and Agents.

1. ROLES enable property owners to Sell, Rent, or Lease any number of properties using multiple easy to create Web Apps as marketing aids, each containing unique QR Codes, Short URLs, and Social Media share features to fast track sales.

2. REDS enables real estate related businesses to offer goods or services, market them through the network, and to the public through their web apps, as linked marketing aids.

3. REDS enables talented Personnel to offer their services, as in Affiliates who are known as RANKS, as well as Mentors and Agents, each category with their own front end page, through their web apps in the same manner.

4. REDS enables Role Players to Connect Direct in the network, and to sell through encrypted channels.

5. REDS enables Role Players to visually promote through front end on page video channels and through in app video rotation.

6. REDS enables Role Players to advertise through all listing displays at eye level on the front end.

7. REDS also contains numerous RED DOOR Opportunities as advertising and marketing packages.

REDS is realestatedigitalsales.com

Go Reds Today before you get the Blues

Support Email for REDS: realestatedigitalsales@gmail.com

Support Email for Tax Deed Treasures: redsseller@gmail.com

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